1917301_255651255053_8383175_nChoking Sun gave their inaugural performance in 1997 at 688 Spring Street in Atlanta (home to the infamous 688 Club). Their musical endeavors are laden with spoken and rhythmic samples, a diverse array of instrumentation including cello, accordion, theremin, trumpet and heavily processed bass and guitar, accentuated with overlapping textures of sung and spoken lyrics, centered around the absurdity of modern procedural existence.

In support of their 2009 release “Kinky Sex, Electrocution and Manslaughter,” Choking Sun developed the ENLIST show; a ceremony depicting the cosmogenic hero cycle as initiation into a secret society. Flanked by a Gallows Gate, Choking Sun wove a dark tapestry of sound while candidates were processed through stages of initiation including; interaction with the Bucket of Mystery and the Screaming Creator. Effects lighting, slide projection, and interactive props surround the audience in a whirlwind of surreal Dantean aesthetics.